Club Notices


Please be advised that the PRJLC will hold a general meeting.

Date: Friday 24/09/2021

Time: 6.00pm

Venue: PRJLC Club House, Mundin Street, Petrie, Qld, 4502.

Please be advised: The PRJLC does not give anyone permission for this notice to be copied, distributed and/or re-posted on any other page or site.

Please Note – COVID : Due to current QLD Government COVID-19 travel and social distancing restrictions, the meeting will be restricted in numbers available to attend the venue. All eligible members wishing to attend the general meeting will be required to advise the PRJLC EMC Secretary via email [email protected] a minimum of 2 days prior to the meeting (by 4.00pm on Wednesday, 22/09/2021) to ensure their place is booked and allocated for the meeting. Failure to advise prior to the meeting may see the member unable to be permitted to enter the venue if restriction capacity has been met on the night. Please be aware from 9 July 2021 it is mandatory to ‘Check-in’ to leisure and recreation facilities using the Check-In Qld app.



Please note: No motions will be accepted from the floor. The only items to be heard on the night are as follows:

PRJLC General Meeting Agenda items:

Members to arrive from 6.00pm and be seated for a 6.15pm start (Doors will be shut at 6.14pm sharp). All members will need to be checked off from the membership attendance list and signed in on the sign in register prior to entering the meeting.

  1. Welcome
  2. Financials
  3. Season Review
    1. Juniors
    2. Seniors
  4. AGM Preparation
  5. Anonymous letters
  6. Meeting concluded

Please be aware that changes made to MySideline is not accepted. Be advised the club is notified of changes made to the database. There is also a register of ratified ordinary members.


No new membership ratification until after 24 September 2021.



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