Club Policies and Documents

Code of Conduct


QRL Rules 1 – 7


Junior League Laws (U6 – U12)


International Laws


Safe Play Code


Member Protection Policy


On-Field Sports Trainer Policy


Sports Trainers Policies and Documents


Anti-Doping Policy


2021 Coach and Manager’s Handbook

2021 PRJLC Coach & Manager Handbook


2021 Photography/Video Consent Form

2021_photo-video-consent-form (1)


2021 Club Membership Application Form


Please note: The PRJLC EMC have considered all matters to impact membership administration including but not restricted to Covid-19, governing body legislative and policy changes, internal technology and professional consult with external stakeholders. The current form notifies the EMC of an applicant’s request to become a member and consideration of membership type approved, request for payment will follow an appropriate PRJLC meeting where membership is discussed.


PRJLC Social Media Policy

PRJLC Social Media Policy


PRJLC Complaint Procedure

PRJLC – Complaint Procedure


PRJLC Grievance and Incident Form

PRJLC – Greivance and Complaint Form



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